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Welcome to the Tingle experience where we can meet in the garden of love and celebrate life together through music and dance and beauty! Here it is always Tingle-time and everything is Tingle-tastic! And why not? This rainbow coloured tribe of seekers, pixies, wizards and fairies will lead you on a merry voyage to other realms where earth and sky meet in the heart and the simple truth of being human is felt in all its wonder. We have been wildly gathering nectar from many lands and our honey has turned to mead in the great golden hive of the invisible, now ready to serve to you - enjoy!

"GIRLS and BOYS" our debut album is a collection of old and new songs with a cosmic reggae flavour 

At the centre of the Tingle Mandala sit Phoebe Garland and Carys Hedd - long time soul sisters and musical comrades.

The songs we play are gifts from nature, from the trees, the sea and the wind and arrive here through Phoebe who plays them on the guitar or piano and sings them into being.

Carys then adds her solid bass lines and beautiful harmonies and something new is born. 

Jeremiah King adds his mighty fine drumming and his valuable expertise in all aspects of creating music, technical and composition, and now the tunes are sounding really sweet!

Ailsa Mair brings her cello to weave sublime solos into the soundscape and invokes beings from the sky.

Neil Edwards comes with his clarinet and his sassy playing invokes the naughty pixie energy! 

Joe Gardom arrives with his trumpet and adds the final touches of gold.

Our debut album "Girls and Boys" was recorded at Jez's studio in West Wales.

The masterful mastering was done by Gaz Goldstar in Bristol.

The wonderful art work is by Jasper Marley.

The gorgeous photos below are by Sam Sanderson and other kind friends.

Thank you everybody!

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